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Where is home?

Dear world,

I’m trying to settle down in my new hometown. There are a couple of things that make this whole thing so much easier: Nice people, the excitement because of my new student life and the curiosity because of my chosen course of studies. 

But this weekend, I was home again. My neighbour told me that people who travel every weekend to visit their parents and friends, are also the once who still call this place their ‘home’ instead of the place where they live most of the time actually. I think she’s right. And she made me think about my situation a lot. 

Well, I went home to celebrate a good friend’s birthday and it was like I’ve never been gone. I’ll miss it. And I realized how much I will miss my city and all those little things even if it’s only walking on the riverbank. 

When I woke up yesterday, there was one second when I didn’t know where I was. In my new home, in my old home? Where is home for me now? 

Over the weekend, I also realized how exhausting it is to travel back and forth. On the one hand, I want to be with my family and friends, on the other hand, it will only hurt more the more I have to say goodbye - every sunday again and again. And then I’m just waiting for the next weekend to come. I’m not sure if this is the right way to settle down somewhere else when my heads always with them, because I am not. It’s an illusion, nothing more. 

I want to turn this whole thing around. I want to feel like home where I am now. I want these days with family and friends to be special and not to make me remember ‘the old times’ over and over. Something new has begun and I cannot go back. It’s time to realize this.

I so hope that this is gonna work. I guess it only takes time… 

Recap: humans and culture

Hey guys,

this month is almost over, so here’s what moved me in the past weeks.

I went to cinema with a good friend and we decided on the movie randomly. In the end, our choice was a French movie that surprised me a lot. It was kind of a comedy and often there are comedies where you just laugh because it’s so stupid. But THIS comedy wasn’t stupid, it was simply funny. But there’s even more to come: The movie was also educational. So what I want to say is: Go and watch it! 

I fulfilled myself a wish when I went to theater to watch the tragedy ‘Hamlet’ by Shakespeare again. I already watched it last summer. And I promised myself that I will relive this experience IF ‘Hamlet’ is going to be my topic in the final exams and IF I am happy with the results I’ll get. So now that ‘Hamlet’ WAS my topic and I’m MORE THAN happy about my results, I was really looking forward to watch it again. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous, if the play would be as good as in my remembrance. IT WAS BETTER! And now I’m once again in this Shakespeare-hype, but as opposed to last summer (when I visited Stratford-upon-Avon, discussed the play in school etc.) I don’t know where to put all of my excitement. This really makes me miss my German course in school and that’s probably also why I couldn’t help myself but dancing around the room when I got a mail from my former German teacher inviting us all to one more theater experience. I so really hope that this is gonna happen. 

One more thing about culture goes with music. I really can’t find the right words to describe how brilliant the idea but even more the execution is. Check. This. Out. 

What would culture be without humans. And talking about humans, there are some nice stories to tell you about:

On my way to my new hometown, I met a woman who simply addressed me because we were both waiting for the bus to arrive. I told her about my new home. Five minutes before I had to leave the bus, she once again walked over to me. She asked me if I would be in town for the weekend too. Then she invited me to a nice little rag-fair, where she would gonna sell jewellery. I was really happy for the hint, took the chance to visit the rag-fair and really liked it. So, thank you.

Sometimes it’s crazy to see how things turn out. Before I moved to a new city, I communicated with a few people. Then suddenly a girl told me that she’s probably gonna be my neighbour. Now she is, and it’s so good to know that I already found someone I can ask or I can just be with. 

One more coincidence: When I was at an event to gain further information, we had to form groups in order to our course of studies. In my course, there will be maybe 30 students over all, which is a very little number. Nevertheless, the first person who asked me what I’m gonna study, belongs to these 30. Crazy, isn’t it? In the end, we both were the only once from our course and met directly at the beginning. 

During the last week I made some new acquaintanceships, which I’m very happy about. I realized how good it felt to meet new people and to enjoy the last few days without any work to do. For example, I’ve been to a karaoke bar for the first time in my life. It was crazy and just amazing, also because of the people there who were just like me - trying to socialize in an unknown city. I met some very interesting personalities and I really hope that we stay in contact once university finally started. We will see… 

I hope you all had a great and golden September. October? Here we go! Nothing will be the same. 

'If we stop defining each other by what we are not and start defining ourselves by what we are—we can all be freer.’

- Emma Watson 


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