Hell, yeah! 


Hey everyone!

In the last few weeks I came across two eally interesting artists that I want to share with you. 

When I was in Paris, I was so excited to visit the Louvre Museum. One special artist has caught my attention. Even when I heard his name before, I wasn’t aware of his arts. Pannini was an italian artist and I fell in love with his impressive paintings:

In my opinion, one of the most difficult but also most profound kinds of art is liturature. Finding the right words is often very hard but still only one word can have the power to say so much. In my German lessons I learned about an artist which really made me goosebumps just with his words written on a sheet of paper. His name was Paul Celan and he was a German-speaking poet. Once he wrote some words about the power of language, words and a poem itself:

'Das Gedicht kann eine Flaschenpost sein, aufgegeben in dem - gewiss noch immer hoffnungsstarken - Glauben, sie könnte irgendwo und irgendwann an Land gespült werden, an Herzland vielleicht. Gedichte sind auch in dieser Weise unterwegs: sie halten auf etwas zu. Worauf? Auf etwas Offenstehendes, Besetzbares, auf ein ansprechbares Du vielleicht, auf eine ansprechbare Wirklichkeit.'

- Paul Celan

Art - if it’s music, painting or writing - will always have the power to reach a heart. I’m glad it has. 

La vie est belle

Hello world, 

travelling makes life shine brighter in some ways. It’s a chance to feel new and get out of your normal life. And even when you come home realizing that your problems are still there, that time away from everything stays with you and gives you something to hold on to. 

I’ve been to Paris, France for a few days and this trip really helped me to see the city in a different way than I remembered it. It wasn’t one of these tours for tourists but I got to see the life of real people living there - good and bad sides. People with a whole different mentality opening new perspectives to myself. On the one hand, it’s a more than chaotic life over there, on the other hand people are way more relaxed. But you could find this contrast not only regarding the people, but also while experiencing the city: historical buildings right next to modern ones, traditional thinking and crazy lifestyle. The flair of this city was something very special. When I was in the subway, there were suddenly some musicians playing music. When I was on my way through the city and found a park, I suddenly realized that spring isn’t far away anymore. When I just sat on the Seine waiting for the ferry, I forgot about everything watching little kids on a carrousel. When I found myself on a high building, I looked down at the city with a 360° view. These little things made it all special and made life so good. 

Paris, Je t’aime. 

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