Back and ahead

Hey guys,

yesterday I shared a great day with a friend I know since my very first day at school. We visited our old teacher from primary school. We had so much fun together remembering things from the past. It was so cool to see that our teacher kept everything from our class: old photos, letters, poems. We read some words we wrote 8 years ago about where we see ourselves in future. It’s crazy how much things change and what stayed the same. E.g. I wrote about my dream to study and have an own car. Now here I am going to university in October and having my driving licence and kind of an own car. We also talked about what’s coming next for us and our school mates in primary school. There’s so much ahead. 

Even when I’m no longer a high school student, I can’t really imagine myself being at university… yet. When I was in cinema this week, the man asked me if I’m at school so that I would have gotten my ticket for a cheaper price. I said: ‘No, unfortunately not.’. He said: ‘Not anymore?’ And I nodded. When I sat down to wait for the movie to start, I realized that he still charged the cheaper price although he knew that I’m not at school anymore. This was when I realized that 1. truth is all you need, 2. there are still friendly people in the world that understand the sorrows of students without money, 3. it’s strange to not go to school anymore, 4. i felt grown up. 

So now it’s time to look ahead instead of looking back. Therefore, it’s great to have the Internet. I already stay in contact with some people who study the same or live at the same place as I will soon. I’m really looking forward to meet them all in person. 

Until then. 

50 things

Hey there!

I heard about a really freaking but still brilliant idea. A friend of mine got a birthday gift for her 17th birthday last year: A list of 50 things you should do before you turn 18. 

Now it was time to tick some of these things like painting her body, getting a champagne shower or making a custard-pie battle. I think it was so much fun and because of this birthday gift I suddenly realized that one should do a lot more crazy things. That’s what I plan to do myself. I guess I should start with something like: 50 things you should do in your first semester at university. Sounds like fun. 


Ni hǎo!

8.000 km. In the last two weeks I was about 8.000 km away from home. I’ve never been so far away before. How many people can say that their first far journey goes to China?

In the past few days, there were so many things that happened. It would take hours to write about all of that. That’s why here’s the outline:

- biggest airplane and longest flight of my life - most times of being on an airplane in a row - watching movies on the plane - realizing that I’m in CHINA - eating with chopsticks at a round table and getting better - taking pictures with foreign people - see people taking pictures of us like in a zoo - wearing short pants and sunglasses - realizing that I’m at a once forbidden place - climbing the stairs of the Great Wall which all had different heights - talking to Chinese people - teaching them German - learning Chinese numbers up to 999 - painting lotus flowers - learning tai chi - standing in a bamboo wood - being there for a friend in need - sharing memories in the evening - learning how to make little stars - going hand in hand across the street - going by taxi - using my umbrella when it’s raining and because of the sunlight - being on the highest building I’ve ever seen in my life seeing nothing but smoke - waiting for the most impressive view - finding Old and New walking hand in hand - taking the chance on our own - Cloud9 - listening to ‘Ain’t It Fun’ - the bund - waving cats - gardens with water, bridges, stones, trees, pavilions - finding the perfect things to bring a piece of China back home - eating on a boat our last meal in China - surprise at the airport in Germany - 

But the thing that definitely means the most to me is that this journey was kind of the best end of my school life and the time I had in school with a good friend of mine. It means the world to me that I could spend these days with her and that we shared these memories. Thank you for all the time we had. I’m sure there’s so much more to come! (: